In a nutshell

Serpius is an Innovation Hub powered by DeFi products.

Innovation Hub

We encourage innovators to explore their ideas while connecting them to business developers and investors who can help shape their results into products. Every deal between them can be recorded in the ledger by smart contracts (represented by an NFT) and protected by the immutability of the blockchain so that all players can rest assured about their respective commitments.
The main purpose of Serpius is to become a powerful and sustainable innovation hub that does not require external donations to provide grants and can generate its own revenues. We have sliced this project into phases. Starting with the financial engine, the DeFi products, and tokenomics.

Investors & Business Developers

To provide the best experience for Business Developers (BDs) and Investors, we are asking anonymously one question:
We would be very thankful if you help us either with answering/sharing.

DeFi Products

To provide funding for research and development, we are creating investment tools that are easy and accessible to everyone. We make portfolio management theory easy to understand for everyone to reduce their exposure to the volatile crypto market. By collecting fees on these protocols, we aim to create a sustainable economy that relays as least as possible from external donations and can generate revenues for funding grants.
There will be a token minted to pay users for using the DeFi products and used as means of payment within the innovation hub ecosystem.

Personal Asset Manager

Currently, the DeFi ecosystem is very segregated and thousands of products are out there making it difficult for users to navigate and find the best investment opportunities. The main goal is to provide tools for users with any level of expertise to manage their portfolio and aggregate all sources of passive income, such as staking and lending protocols.
We are building a personal asset manager dApp where users can define their strategy for their asset allocation and apply portfolio management based on risk and volatility. Additionally, those assets can be automatically invested in lending and staking protocols to earn passive income. We will aggregate and supply the best protocols reducing the complexity of the DeFi ecosystem from the user perspective and making it user-friendly.
This DeFi product will be used to fund the innovation hub, as the fees of using/managing the portfolio will be used for funding projects and develop further the ecosystem.